Taboo among rikswa pullers ( part:1)


Bangladesh is the most populated country across the world. Approximately 150 million people of Bangladesh are the speaker of the state language bangla where there the total population is near 160 million.the status of bangle in world language ranking is 7th considering its speaker.the language has cross its 1000 years of glory. And now including Bangladesh the language has almost 270 million speaker in the world. The bangla literature had an envious development trough out these times. It is mainly spoken in Bangladesh, West Bengal,asam and many other countries where bangali community lives.

our present topic is on the taboo words that using by rikswa puller in Dhaka city. we will try to find out the socio-linguistic reasons and discuss the impact of using these words .

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What should I call?

Personally I think a lot and do almost nothing .I am a future conscious by nature but I never wanted to be. Why people think so much about their past as well as their future? What is in it? I could not detect but I tried a lot. Man who think much about his past definitely a pessimist, man who think about future is an optimist . what would you call a man when he think both of this?

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morning calls

we the people  faces thousands of mornings in our life….obviously  the  lucky  we  who lives  long in this beautiful place. i  find differences among     mornings .  such as at the    very   childhood  our   morning was  painless .we  used to get up,the n brush our teeth and   go to  was simpler .we had nothing to think…but we  were  sad.we thought why we are little ?why  we can’t dominate as older do?why? 

here ,we get power lover  in very early age.

after that ,we grow up…and become juvenile…we started dreaming of our life.our witches  and demons become beautiful boy or girl.some of us starts dreaming about career…they are upgraded .simple person dream simpler. in this time our morning become sweet.we always dream for a better   start.we wait for our dear.

to be continued   (coz i am tired ,let   me think again)        

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my first book review

actually I am reading a book .but can’t stop myself  writing about it ! how ridiculous .!

anyway let’s start .at very first look I thought it is a book about children .yes it is,but it a adult book also (dont know what should I say ?can it be book for older ?however ) the way of telling of the writer is a tale/fable and  is a philosophy at a  same time. A child may find a interesting mystery in this book and a adult may find the way to be more simpler .

since i have not read the full book but when I started it was little clumsy .then it became interesting .the book is about a prince .who is very little .and the story teller is a pilot .once the pilot’s plane got some trouble and the pilot had to land the plan in the SAHARA desert .there was no people across thousand miles .the pilot had little food and water to survive .he was trying hard to mend the aircraft then suddenly he heard a little voice asking him to draw a picture of his lamb .ha ha..what a absurd request  ! if I were there I would slap that boy  but pilot did he is not a painter he drew several lambs.the boy chose none.pilot became tired and drew a pic of box and said the lamb is sleeping into the box.the boy complied to him. 🙂

they spent 4 days together .then the pilot discover the boy is from b-612 planet .which is as little as him. 🙂

the planet has Baobub Tree which is not good at all .it’s a evil tree which may destroy the little planet .the little prince wanted his lamb to eat it all plant of BAOBUB tree.(this line has a inner meaning ,is people should eat all his evil idea in very bud )

                   ahh there is a realization which made me think again .it’s about adult psychology.we adult usually think about number such as if our children say about their friend we ask them about number.i .e how old he his? /how many brothers do he  have?what is his roll no.? and so on .but we never ask them what is his friend’s favorite  color?do he like to play with butterfly ?really we don’t ask them.why we do not ?

so it is it . I am only at the page 28 .and the book is of 91 page .let’s see what happen …ohh the book is very colorful . it has  pictures of lamb,prince ,little planet,Baobub’s name is” little prince ” by Anatoun de Sat Aksu Perry from France .and he was a pilot ,died in plane crush during 2nd world war .(1944)




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The new post

ahh ! my computer getting slow day by day .and with this I am  also becoming a clumsy girl .what is it !

I wonder !

Imageis it me ? ahh  😦  i really have a boring  daily routine .I suppose to do other staff .but I am not .

everyday I wake up and start brushing my teeth …go wash room..take a mug of coffee and then start reading .then I cook for me & out for coaching .what is life?is it worth to call a life?I question myself how long !!! my youth is almost finishing and what I am doing here !

the picture I just uploaded is incoherent with this post but guess what ? it’s not.the girl you are seeing in this picture is jolly and seems so happy .actually I wanna  be happy like them…is it possible ? 

oh sheet ! what I  am writing about  irrelevant ,absurd >>>>> I think I am no more in me…I want a refreshment .need some leave.


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alone- part 2

I wrote before that I will continue saying why people feel lonely .

actually the fact is being a lonely person it’s really hard to identify those reason why a person feels lonely !? 🙂

ummm…the only answer could be ‘because s/he is… “Image

let me share something  to all of you ,are reading my words.what do I do when I feel extreme lonely .

no.1 : usually I hang with people.I make people laugh .I make joke with others….yes I am known a funny person to all.they appreciate my sense of humor .but they never know what I am.its seems a concealed joy for me .I find that people around me start loving me this way.

no.2: when  I under go the worst situation and find no one to making laugh I start talking myself .  it’s really nice when you are taking to own .by this one can finds his/her bad habits and can decide what he/she want to do.a person could be a best friend for can increase his /her confidence by doing  this.  I usually encourage  myself.

no.3: I became a dreamer when I find nothing to do.I start dreaming what I could be .What I worth to be. I believe that  people live in their dream.a big heart person is a big dreamer.he /she can involve all in his dreams have no bound …it’s look like a horse with wings ….it’s fly every possible province it’s allowed . 🙂

no.4 : I take foods.different foods like nut in cream at 3 p.m,nodules in dawn …it’s a good way to forget things.and definitely  you  will find a different taste in the same thing .

no.4: listen songs which can make your mode joyful. Just try really work.


tonight… this is enough .to be continued .




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in my view ..

today indian court  gave the verdict on Felani murder .which was a brutal border killing by indian Army .court release the culprit .

our media has expressed their abhor to indian government.people of bangladesh expressed their rage against indian movie,serial,players and so if indian actors killed felani..this is too much.

  before write something about this topic I wanna clear one thing  that is  I don’t  support any kind of murder or genocide .as  a dweller  of this world  I know that there is an unwritten rule in the world and that is  the weak is always dominated by the strong .it’s an axiom .no one can change this will find this rule everywhere in this universe .as the sun is dominating 8 planet at a time.because it’s stronger than those 8 planet it’s  ruling.


and you have to admit that Lion is the king of jungle .

so,what can we do against india ?the nuclear powered country !india is our neighbor country .they have captured our market.even girls want indian lehenga in their wedding ceremony .men are fond of indian movies and heroins.we could not think of fullfil our daily need without indian onion/ why we are calling boycott against indian product? what will happen to india if we stop consume their product ?they have a huge market all over the world .

Now,I  want to focus some recent issues .we saw one kind of genocide in Iraq  and Afganisthan.lots of children died in these war.what were their fault?where was our consciousness  then?why we did not oppose ?are they not any part of human being ?why our conscience don’t shout here?
I want to know the answer .
nasima poly
nilkhet ,bangladesh.

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