in my view ..

today indian court  gave the verdict on Felani murder .which was a brutal border killing by indian Army .court release the culprit .

our media has expressed their abhor to indian government.people of bangladesh expressed their rage against indian movie,serial,players and so if indian actors killed felani..this is too much.

  before write something about this topic I wanna clear one thing  that is  I don’t  support any kind of murder or genocide .as  a dweller  of this world  I know that there is an unwritten rule in the world and that is  the weak is always dominated by the strong .it’s an axiom .no one can change this will find this rule everywhere in this universe .as the sun is dominating 8 planet at a time.because it’s stronger than those 8 planet it’s  ruling.


and you have to admit that Lion is the king of jungle .

so,what can we do against india ?the nuclear powered country !india is our neighbor country .they have captured our market.even girls want indian lehenga in their wedding ceremony .men are fond of indian movies and heroins.we could not think of fullfil our daily need without indian onion/ why we are calling boycott against indian product? what will happen to india if we stop consume their product ?they have a huge market all over the world .

Now,I  want to focus some recent issues .we saw one kind of genocide in Iraq  and Afganisthan.lots of children died in these war.what were their fault?where was our consciousness  then?why we did not oppose ?are they not any part of human being ?why our conscience don’t shout here?
I want to know the answer .
nasima poly
nilkhet ,bangladesh.


About nasima poly

I am a dreamer .
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  1. prosun says:

    Flows well … Keep it up…

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