alone- part 2

I wrote before that I will continue saying why people feel lonely .

actually the fact is being a lonely person it’s really hard to identify those reason why a person feels lonely !? 🙂

ummm…the only answer could be ‘because s/he is… “Image

let me share something  to all of you ,are reading my words.what do I do when I feel extreme lonely .

no.1 : usually I hang with people.I make people laugh .I make joke with others….yes I am known a funny person to all.they appreciate my sense of humor .but they never know what I am.its seems a concealed joy for me .I find that people around me start loving me this way.

no.2: when  I under go the worst situation and find no one to making laugh I start talking myself .  it’s really nice when you are taking to own .by this one can finds his/her bad habits and can decide what he/she want to do.a person could be a best friend for can increase his /her confidence by doing  this.  I usually encourage  myself.

no.3: I became a dreamer when I find nothing to do.I start dreaming what I could be .What I worth to be. I believe that  people live in their dream.a big heart person is a big dreamer.he /she can involve all in his dreams have no bound …it’s look like a horse with wings ….it’s fly every possible province it’s allowed . 🙂

no.4 : I take foods.different foods like nut in cream at 3 p.m,nodules in dawn …it’s a good way to forget things.and definitely  you  will find a different taste in the same thing .

no.4: listen songs which can make your mode joyful. Just try really work.


tonight… this is enough .to be continued .





About nasima poly

I am a dreamer .
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2 Responses to alone- part 2

  1. prosun says:

    Nice one. Like it when you say, “a big heart person is a big dreamer”.

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