The new post

ahh ! my computer getting slow day by day .and with this I am  also becoming a clumsy girl .what is it !

I wonder !

Imageis it me ? ahh  😦  i really have a boring  daily routine .I suppose to do other staff .but I am not .

everyday I wake up and start brushing my teeth …go wash room..take a mug of coffee and then start reading .then I cook for me & out for coaching .what is life?is it worth to call a life?I question myself how long !!! my youth is almost finishing and what I am doing here !

the picture I just uploaded is incoherent with this post but guess what ? it’s not.the girl you are seeing in this picture is jolly and seems so happy .actually I wanna  be happy like them…is it possible ? 

oh sheet ! what I  am writing about  irrelevant ,absurd >>>>> I think I am no more in me…I want a refreshment .need some leave.



About nasima poly

I am a dreamer .
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2 Responses to The new post

  1. prosun says:

    How you think life supposed to be ?

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