my first book review

actually I am reading a book .but can’t stop myself  writing about it ! how ridiculous .!

anyway let’s start .at very first look I thought it is a book about children .yes it is,but it a adult book also (dont know what should I say ?can it be book for older ?however ) the way of telling of the writer is a tale/fable and  is a philosophy at a  same time. A child may find a interesting mystery in this book and a adult may find the way to be more simpler .

since i have not read the full book but when I started it was little clumsy .then it became interesting .the book is about a prince .who is very little .and the story teller is a pilot .once the pilot’s plane got some trouble and the pilot had to land the plan in the SAHARA desert .there was no people across thousand miles .the pilot had little food and water to survive .he was trying hard to mend the aircraft then suddenly he heard a little voice asking him to draw a picture of his lamb .ha ha..what a absurd request  ! if I were there I would slap that boy  but pilot did he is not a painter he drew several lambs.the boy chose none.pilot became tired and drew a pic of box and said the lamb is sleeping into the box.the boy complied to him. 🙂

they spent 4 days together .then the pilot discover the boy is from b-612 planet .which is as little as him. 🙂

the planet has Baobub Tree which is not good at all .it’s a evil tree which may destroy the little planet .the little prince wanted his lamb to eat it all plant of BAOBUB tree.(this line has a inner meaning ,is people should eat all his evil idea in very bud )

                   ahh there is a realization which made me think again .it’s about adult psychology.we adult usually think about number such as if our children say about their friend we ask them about number.i .e how old he his? /how many brothers do he  have?what is his roll no.? and so on .but we never ask them what is his friend’s favorite  color?do he like to play with butterfly ?really we don’t ask them.why we do not ?

so it is it . I am only at the page 28 .and the book is of 91 page .let’s see what happen …ohh the book is very colorful . it has  pictures of lamb,prince ,little planet,Baobub’s name is” little prince ” by Anatoun de Sat Aksu Perry from France .and he was a pilot ,died in plane crush during 2nd world war .(1944)





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2 Responses to my first book review

  1. prosun says:

    Nice one dost… I wanna to what happened next.

  2. nasima poly says:

    sure dost I will update you. thanks for reading .:)

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