morning calls

we the people  faces thousands of mornings in our life….obviously  the  lucky  we  who lives  long in this beautiful place. i  find differences among     mornings .  such as at the    very   childhood  our   morning was  painless .we  used to get up,the n brush our teeth and   go to  was simpler .we had nothing to think…but we  were  sad.we thought why we are little ?why  we can’t dominate as older do?why? 

here ,we get power lover  in very early age.

after that ,we grow up…and become juvenile…we started dreaming of our life.our witches  and demons become beautiful boy or girl.some of us starts dreaming about career…they are upgraded .simple person dream simpler. in this time our morning become sweet.we always dream for a better   start.we wait for our dear.

to be continued   (coz i am tired ,let   me think again)        


About nasima poly

I am a dreamer .
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